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'Sight Seeing' is the title of the striking painting with the two heads. It is created in 1993 by Simon Posthuma (1939, Zaandam, The Netherlands). This is his official web site. In the sixties, Posthuma was a member of design team 'The Fool'.

A Fool such as I - the adventures of Simon Posthuma

Simon Posthuma's autobiography 'A Fool such as I - the adventures of Simon Posthuma' (Dutch version, co-written by Joost Goosen) covers Simon's adventures from his youth in Zaandam, The Netherlands, until his return to Amsterdam in '82, after travelling through Greece, Morocco and Spain, and living in Great Britain and the United States for nearly sixteen years.

Off course, a substantial part of Simon's autobiography deals with The Fool, the design team he formed in 1967 and that was setting the trend in what is now labelled as 'psychedelic art'.

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'A Fool such as I' in the media

 'Once you start reading, you can't stop. One moment I read through half the night; I was that fascinated by the subject, and especially by the style in which it is written! Intriguing how a Dutch couple had such an influence on one of the best bands in the world and many others in the pop scene. I very much recommend others to read this book.' -

 'Brilliant [] certainly a contribution to the historiography of pop music.' - de Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper)

 'A sixties document that reads like a picaresque novel.' - OOR (Dutch music magazine)

 'Simon Posthuma brings the sixties alive with an eye for detail and feeling for atmosphere.' - Revolver (Dutch music magazine)

 'Teller of a picaresque novel' - Lekker lezen (Dutch website)

 'His colourful story is very nice to read, especially for those who experienced the flower power era and the sixties and seventies, because it recalls the mood of the time very well.' - NBD/Biblion (Dutch)

 Nova (a Dutch TV news show) broadcasted a short documentary on Simon's life, featuring amongst others Paul McCartney, Pattie Boyd, Simon Vinkenoog and Barry Finch.

 Simon was interviewed by Jellie Brouwer in Kunststof, a live talk show on the Dutch radio with guests from the cultural and media world.

 Simon appeared in Kort Amsterdams live, a local Dutch talk show.

 'Founder of The Fool in the picture' - De Echo (Local Amsterdam newspaper)

Simon Posthuma in the media

 Website Abbeyrd's Beatles Page published an interview with Simon Posthuma about Apple. Posthuma: "Contrary to the popular story, we didn't hire some twenty art students for painting the Apple mural and it did not take weeks."

 A UK News item on the 40th Anniversary of the Apple Shop includes a recreation of the famous mural created by Simon and Marijke projected onto the building as it is now, and brief interviews with Pattie Boyd and Simon. It is posted in two parts on youtube.
- part one
- part two

 Nova retraced the artwork Simon and Marijke created for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

 'Memories of the Summer of Love.' The Birmingham Post interviewed Simon and Karl Ferris at his photo exhibition in the St Paul's Gallery in Birmingham.

 'Later Sgt. Pepper's became the icon of the era.' Simon interviewed by Trouw (Dutch newspaper).

 The Fool in Paradise. Dutch radio show Urubicha about Simon and The Fool.

 Simon interviewed by deejay Hans Schiffers in his Dutch radio show ''. The theme of the day was the Apple Shop at Baker Street, London, a cooperation of The Beatles and The Fool. Click here to download the podcast (in Dutch).

Sight Seeing

Hear and see Simon Posthuma's son Douwe Bob play his song 'Time'.

Book presentation of 'A Fool such as I', 2 October 2008 in Amsterdam.

Front cover of 'A Fool such as I - the adventures of Simon Posthuma'

Simon Posthuma interviewed about his autobiography 'A Fool such as I'.

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